About Us

FROM House to Home

Our MISSION is to make home decoration decisions simple, so that every HOUSE becomes a HOME.

FROM Colleagues to Customers

Our colleagues - the hardworking people who aim to provide you with the best service, do so with vigor and delight. That's because at the end of the day, they go home that they once decorated and will once more. We are our own customers, that's the best part. We sit where you sit, as we go through the same decisions about our own homes.

FROM Promises to Actions

We would like to extend to you our three promises, and only ask for one thing in return - hold us accountable. Below are our Lebix promises to you, we encourage you to contact Lebix support.

  • We sell comfortable, high quality furniture.
  • We provide smooth and transparent online shopping experience.
  • We offer versatile and comprehensive product catalog.

FROM Ideas to Services

We are constantly ideating the ways we can improve and enhance the shopping experience you may have with us. Furthermore, we are on the lookout for new services that we can offer that provide our customers, like yourself, with additional benefits or cozier home.

FROM Lebix to You

Thank you for being our customer! Let's make great decorative decisions together!

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